POLi Casinos Online

The gambling industry has undergone many transformations throughout the years. Gambling companies have always attempted to keep up with the latest innovations. Hence, the rise of the Internet allowed casinos and similar gambling companies to offer their services online. For this purpose, the ‘play-for-real-money’ online casino sites needed to find a way to enable online transactions. This brought about the creation of multiple payment processing methods.

POLi is one revolutionary online banking method available for online casino players. It is based in Melbourne, Australia and currently caters to online payers who wish to avoid using their debit or credit cards for online purchases. POLi has been defined as a payment processing company which facilitates online transactions. The company prides itself on the level of security provided to their customers through their unique way of performing payment operations.  Its services go even beyond the iGaming industry, as they are used by multiple merchants in order to provide online payments and ensure quality service. 

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Poli is a favorite online banking method for gamblers in New Zealand and Australia. It is an interesting platform to use for online gambling. You can use visa with the payment method and you can also deposit money with Poli especially if you are gambling from the aforementioned countries where the banking method is mostly used.

This is not like every other typical account because its working processes differ from others. However, it is important to note that Poli is easy and fun to use. You can play different kinds of games with this banking method, casinos accepting Poli are usually those casinos that operate in such parts of the world as New Zealand and Australia. Example of game it is mostly played with is the favorite pokies oftentimes played in New Zealand and Australia.

The casino banking method works in a very simple and interesting way. Firstly, it is important to note that Poli simply acts as an interface between bank clients and different kinds of online resources including casinos. In other words, you can use it as an intermediary to pay or withdraw money from or to your account in the places where it is used. Put in another term, it can be said that the banking method simply serves as a proxy between your online payment account in the bank and different kinds of online services such as gambling. It makes gambling quite easy and interesting because it facilitates payment to your account.

However, it should be noted that you cannot withdraw with Poli, it can only be used in making payment and not withdrawals. This is one of the downsides of the account but even at that it is a top notch method to use.

POLi Online Casinos

Due to POLi’s respectable reputation as a payment processor, online casinos have always aimed to include it in their list of available banking methods. However, it currently caters solely to Australian and New Zealand residents who have online access to their bank account at one of the associate banks which cooperate with the company. Although this might sound limiting, the company explains that this is just a precaution in order to ensure high-end service. With an ever-increasing popularity, it is possible for them to expand their service coverage in the near future. There are several aspects of the POLi online payment experience which draw online casino players to this banking method.

Ease of Use

Those players which are eligible to use POLi as a payment method find it to be one of the simplest ways to perform payments for their online casino accounts. This is mainly because the service does not require its users to sign up for a separate online account. Due to this policy, POLi tends to associate with the players’ bank account and is currently available to account holders from 18 Australian and 7 New Zealand banks. All you need to do is download the POLi software and simply connect it with your existing online bank account.

Another positive thing about this payment processor is the fact that it is widely compatible with the players’ platforms. It is suited for both Mac and Windows desktop users and has some basic internet browser requirements. Moreover, it can be accessed through a smartphone using the same process.

Online casino players simply need to select this deposit method at the cashier page of their chosen casino site. This automatically transfers them to POLi’s main website where they select their bank and cash amount. Afterwards, the site requires them to log in to their existing online bank account so that it can collect all the necessary information. Once you review your information and confirm the transaction, an email receipt confirmation is sent to you and the gambling site.

Security & Privacy Protection

Players can be somewhat skeptical about online banking methods, as most of them prefer tangible cash transactions. This service provider is completely dedicated to the best possible security measures and protects each client’s information with a secure 2048-bit SSL encryption of their server. Apart from this, they protect the transaction process by applying multi-layered Firewall and a proxy server between the payer and the internet banking site. These safety measures prevent any type of external intrusion. They perform regular in-house tests to ensure there are no weak points in the system and additionally hire third-party security services which run full security scans.

This system invests great efforts to maintain privacy protection, as its basic features and specifications don’t allow the recipient, i.e. online casinos to interfere in the payment process. Ultimately, it is known for the fact that they don’t retain or cache any of the inputted details on their private server. Due to all these measures, online casino players consider POLi as an indicator that the casino site is reliable and trustworthy.

POLi Fees & Refunds

POLi caters to all their clients completely for free, so there is no need to worry about charges on any payment amount. Still, in order to keep the company running, this payment processor charges the merchants such as casino sites a 1% fee per transaction. This fee is capped at $3 plus GST in order to make the amount small enough so that merchants do not surcharge POLi payers for the transaction.

A refund is also available in cases players make any type of mistake during their transaction. A simple refund request form is provided at the company’s website for easy resolution of the matter.

Disadvantages of Using POLi

The primary disadvantage when using this banking method, as mentioned, is its geographical limitations. Unlike other payment processors whose services are available worldwide, POLi still restricts its transactions to Australian and New Zealand bank account holders from their associated banks, hence, to citizens of these two countries.

Another aspect which discourages online players from using POLi to fund their player accounts is that this processor does not allow withdrawals. This means that should you choose to deposit money through this banking method, you would inevitably have to find a different method in order to withdraw your winnings.


All in all, this banking method is considered to be one of the best options for Australian and New Zealand online casino players who don’t like using their cards for online payments. It protects the players’ personal information with the highest degrees of encryption and security certification without making the process long or complicated.

POLi’s main drawbacks are that players may not be eligible for the service and the fact that they will need to find an alternate withdrawal method to cash out their casino winnings. The pros still tend to outweigh the cons, as Australian and New Zealand casino sites perform most of their transactions through this service.