Published Date

March 30, 2019

australian casino facial recognition

An Australian match is obtaining a biometric protection update following a worker attempted to smuggle a $5,000 chip from the construction in a sock. Although the aspiring burglar was captured by overhead CCTV cameras, Sydney's Star Casino has decided to set up new facial recognition cameras to help its large surveillance group.


The cameras will suit with the faces of guests and workers against a database of known crooks and cheats, which will discourage anyone trying to bypass the home, and enhance the gaming experience for valid casino visitors.

"[Facial recognition] will likely be integrated into our client support at which we could recognise clients and welcome back them , telling them their favorite drink is waiting in the bar," explained Catherine Clark, the Surveillance Chief in Star Casino.


Somewhat amusingly, Clark went on to state that she's her very best safety thoughts from films like Ocean's 11, probably in a bid to prevent real thieves from doing exactly what George Clooney's team does in that movie.


Meanwhile, the Japanese officials intend to use facial recognition technologies to keep gaming addicts from the dining table , while biometric ATMs have been used to prevent money laundering in casinos in Macau, signalling an increasing trend since the gambling sector adopts biometric technologies.