Rules of the bingo.

Before the game, each participant receives a certain number of cards, each of which is printed a unique set of numbers. These cards can be disposable - then the player will need pen or pen to mark the numbers have fallen, or reusable - if the numbers are marked with zhetonchikami. If the game is played for money, players buy every card at a certain price. For the drawing is commonly used lototron and a set of balls with numbers. Leading pulls the balls one by one and loudly announces the winning number, which players are looking at their cards and say, if they find it. The purpose of the players - to fill in a card or a piece of all available rooms. As soon as someone is successful, he or she shouts "Bingo!", Play stops and the card is checked. If everything is filled in correctly, the winner receives a prize.


Varieties of bingo.

In bingo there are so many varieties and variations, but the basic - two. They are often called by geography - British and American, or the number of numbers used - bingo 90 and 75 balls.

The UK bingo or bingo on 90 balls . Players get a rectangular card with three rows of nine cells in each row - five numbers. In the first column can be a number from 1 to 10, the second from 11 to 21, etc., all in the card is filled with 15 random numbers between 1 and 90. The game usually comes in three stages, the first intermediate winner is the one who fills one of any number, the second winner - who will fill two series, the main winner - who filled the whole card. Usually the prize money is distributed as follows: 15% for one line, 30% - two and 55% - for the whole card. If multiple players have the right combination at the same time, the prize divided equally between them.

American Bingo, bingo or 75 ball - use less numbers and cards another form. Square cards - 5x5, center - free (accurate to say that it is automatically filled), the rest are placed 24th. American bingo balls are usually not only the number but also one of five letters. These letters are written above each column. Over the first - the letter B, corresponding to it a number from 1 to 15, on a second - I and a number from 16 to 30, beyond the letter N, G and O, in fact, make up the word «BINGO». In this kind of games are usually required to fill in some form on a card, for example, the shape of a hat (hat with border), a plane, or just some lines. And often the figures are also taken, created with a 90, 180 or 270 degrees, as well as symmetric about the vertical or horizontal axes of symmetry.

Strategy of playing bingo.

As in any lottery, bingo games are not an optimal strategy exists. That is what passes for a strategy game, in fact, can not change the expectation of the result of the game.
The only thing that can be called a proper strategy of player - the search for the game with the maximum expectation. Thus, some bingo halls offer games with a fixed or guaranteed prize pool. If a game like this will be few participants (little cards sold), the game may even be advantageous for the player. Unfortunately, the information laid out in the game bingo payouts rooms are usually not reported, although they can figure out their own statistics accumulated, or knowing the number of sold cards. On average you can expect to pay about 60-80%.


Bingo at Casinos Online

Fans of bingo can always find a game on the Internet at various casinos online. In the world there are hundreds of online bingo rooms, in which at any time of day and night to gather thousands of players. A participant may play for real money (for the transfer of funds in this case you will need a bank card or electronic purse), and for fun. Players are available for bingo on 90 balls, 75 balls, as well as other species - for example, bingo on 80 balls. You can play from one to hundreds of cards and a computer can help you fill them. Usually there is a chance to chat with other players in the chat. Also usually present in the chat representative bingo hall that can hold a variety of additional games with cash prizes. The great thing that online bingo rooms at casinos online offer a lot o bonuses and no deposit bingo bonuses to test any of websites.