Awesome 5 - fantastic video slot game

Awesome 5 is one of many free casino slots games available online, but even though, it has its own special place among players. If you want to save the planet from various attacks and asteroids, step into the Awesome 5 world, and fight against all the obstacles with the game super heroes. There is nothing better than online gambling with five special heroes on your side.


Awesome 5 details

The game is powered by The Art of Games, and contains wild symbols and 30 pay lines and 5 reels. Other details are:
• Auto play option is available
• Free spin option is available
• Jackpot : 5.000
• 2nd highest payout: 2.500

The game has vivid graphics, and sound effects are very cool and funny. Whenever you win something, super heroes will start to move.


With Awesome 5 free spins you can win a lot

While you are playing the game, you will notice that you cannot win as often as you want to. However, from time to time, you will get the free spins, and then you will have the chance to win some serious amount of coins.


Summary about Awesome 5

For all the players who want some action, this is one of the casino games online that is offering the action. The thing is, free online casino games are simple to play, and that is the case with Awesome 5. Each player need to do several simple things such as: sit comfortably, pick the amount of coins for the bet, and hit spin. The fun may begin!