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Cat n' Mouse Video Slot Review

Cat n' Mouse is a 5 reel, 20 payline, free casino slot with a classic cat and mouse theme, featuring a cartoonish art style with high-resolution symbols. As most casino games online, Cat n' Mouse puts an emphasis on the gameplay features, as opposed to the visual quality. That's not to say the game looks bad, it's just not state of the art. It also comes without any kind of theme music, only featuring basic sound effects and ambient sounds.


Come Little Mouse, Take a Look at the Gameplay Features

One of the most well known tricks in online gambling is to sell a game's features as somewhat new, even when they are fairly similar to those the player can see in any free online casino games. Cat n' Mouse does a good job at that, presenting the otherwise familiar features in a somewhat new way. The game's wild is represented by the Doggie Bone symbol and, just like any wild, it can replace other symbols, minus the scatter. The game comes with two scatters: the Chase Bonus Logo, and the Free Spins logo symbols, each representing a different bonus game.

A Bonus Round for both Cats and Mice

Whenever the player spins three or more Chase Bonus Logo, the game activates its Chase Bonus Feature. The game loads a second screen that looks like a table game, and the goal is to run away from the cat.


When three or more Free Spins Logo appears, the game triggers its other bonus round, the familiar free spin bonus. In this round, the player is awarded with a random number of free spins, which takes place at the same screen as the regular game.


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