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0 #2 Mojo 2015-05-30 09:46
I removed parts of 1st message - was too long. I didn't intend it to sound overly critical.

About "No Balance Shown." I assume this was not intended by the game owners.

Found a couple of other games on this website with a similar problem: Play buttons not visible at the bottom - covered by the black background.

I use up-to-date Chromium and Firefox browsers in Linux Mint 17.

Are Windows users having same problem = no "balance" shown in IE, Firefox or Chrome?
0 #1 Mojo 2015-05-30 09:11
There is no money or credits "Balance" shown = not fun for most players. Is this another case of it being hidden behind the black background at the bottom?

Still, I play this now and then because of the graphics and here is my opinion:

2) Very bad choice of depressing music. Somewhat like a short, endlessly repeating mass funeral theme for a b&w silent film entitled 'Endlessly Repeating Mass Funeral.'

Granted, in reality the death of Pharaohs would be a sad time in The Valley Of The Kings but with a high regard for the life and afterlife which should not be sad and depressing.

People don't play slots to be infused with sadness and depression on every spin like the music in this game tends to do. (That comes afterward... addiction, losses, etc.)

Otherwise this could be a very attractive and popular game as long as the return percentages to the player are kept reasonable.

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