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Pamplona is one of the free online slot games that you can play at casinos online. The main theme of this game is to run the famous bulls in the ground of Fiesta De San Fermin. The best part is that the only thing that you will have to release is your ego or token.

Features of Pamplona

The game is unique compared to other racing games since every player will have to control three things while playing and these are ox, bull and runner. The game is not about who will be the first on the finishing line but who will survive the race up to the end. The Pamplona has different ways to win. A runner who is able to survive the race, a runner who tramples the ox with a runner who gores with his bull.

How to play the Pamplona

The Pamplona quality is very high even if the bulls look miniatures. While playing, the most important part is to be able to stay safe. If you put yourself at risk, you may win big but you may not score anything. You may use the ox and the bull to be able to protect the runner or to earn some points if you are able to protect your runner. The secret to win the game is to be slow at the same time steady.
If you have tried the card board version of this game, then you can try also free video slots version. Casual players like this game because they can find themselves and it can easily be replayed.