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What it is Playboy game?

Playboy is the game that blends the state of arts social simulations together with role playing as well as the empire building skills in one game. Your game consists of building the playboy mansions and magazines for the dynamic cultural icon and powerful brand. You can rub the shoulders with stimulating celebrities and stunning women while pursuing the lifestyle of the playboy.

The features of the game

The game features include slot machine games 3D environment together with zoomable and dynamic camera. You can zoom out and you can admire the majesty that every mansion area and zoom in is offering. The game play area include Zoo, Aviary, Tennis Court, Gym, Pool and Grotto, Back lawn and Mansion. The celebrities in the game include politicians, musicians, models, fashion designers, comedians, business executives, authors and athletes.

How to play Playboy?

When you play Playboy on slot machines, you will have to build your mansion and to enjoy the playboy lifestyle. You will play as a gadget lover or a stately manor. As you gain more fame, you will be adding other features to your mansion such as aviaries, game houses and tennis courts. You will start to live the playboy lifestyle while using the stylish pad. You will gain more celebrity games and spend your afternoon at poolside. You have to know that fortune and fame do not come that easy. You should have to attend celebrity interview and respond to the fickle market. You have to invite women every week to play in your mansion and to manage the playmate training while overseeing the sexy photos shoot.




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