rouletteRoulette - Strategy, History and Bonuses 

Roulette is native to the casino itself, because when we hear the word casino, we imagine roulette almost. 

Roulette - is a casino game take it name from the French "little wheel". Players can place bet on color red or black, on single number or range numbers, as well as on odd or even.

Ready to play roulette online now? Just choose from the list of online roulette bonuses from the recommended online casinos. To feel an experiense of real play like in the landed casino some where in Las Vegas ot Monte Carlo, you can choose from our list of live dealer casino.



blackjackBlackjack - Strategy Chart, Card Counting and Bonuses

Blackjack - one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world and at the casinos online

The great popularity of the game is caused by simple rules, speed of play and the most simple strategy of counting cards. Nevertheless, the popularity of the game won at once. Gambling houses of the United States had to promote an interest in playing different kinds of bonuses and a variety of rules of blackjack.

It is believed that the predecessor of this game was a card game «vingt-et-un» («twenty-one"), which appeared in the French gambling establishments around the XIX century. 






slot-machinesOnline Slot Machines - Guide, Rules and Bonuses


Slot Machines, also knows as "one-armed bandit" - a slot machine, giving a chance to win a sum much more greater than the amount. Goal of the game - to collect, rotating drums, a winning combination of symbols. The better combination, the bigger the payout. 

In casinos onlineonline slot machines can have up to five reels and up to fifty lines for the game. Through the use of computer technology in the slot machines -  player is given a wide range of additional features that increase the interest in the game, such as bonus games and bonus rounds, "scattered" characters, "wild" characters and so on.






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